EDITORIAL LINK partners with luxury brands and provides a complete solution to print and online media monitoring, press clipping, reporting and analysis for all of Latin America and the Caribbean.

With an extensive media database, luxury brands are monitored in over 1,000 newspapers and magazines and over 15,000 websites.  Our online and print monitoring tracks brand names, competitors, events, logos and keywords to provide complete and accurate reporting results to our clients.


Brand names, competitors, influencers, events and more are tracked by logos and keywords.

Editorial content featuring covers, editorial clippings, web and social media hits all viewable anytime on our online portal ELINK.

Comprehensive reporting of print and online media calculated using the industry standard methodology.

Customized competitive benchmarking, advertising vs editorial comparisons, social media and influencer engagement all analyzed and reported providing luxury brands with insightful market data.


Editorial Link’s media database includes over 1,000 newspapers and magazines and over 15,000 websites in the Latin America and Caribbean region.

South America          Central America          Pan-Regional           North America

Argentina                    Costa Rica                     Caribbean                 Mexico

Bolivia                          El Salvador                    Islands of the region

Brazil                            Guatemala

Chile                             Honduras

Colombia                     Nicaragua      

Ecuador                       Panama






Stay on top of your brand’s editorial coverage

Work with a single source media monitoring provider for the entire Latin American and Caribbean region

Access clippings and reports with the click of a button using our online client portal

Turn coverage into insightful data that’s easily shared and reported

Use editorial tracking data to measure effectiveness of strategies


Editorial Link values its clients and understands the importance of capturing their presence in the media.  The agency is proud to work with the following leading luxury and fashion brands of the world:

About us

Since 2012 Editorial Link has been providing media monitoring services to its clients in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our team has a strong understanding of how luxury brands operate and extensive exposure in the Latin American region.

Lany Blanco
Lany BlancoPresident & Founder
Carolina Perez
Carolina PerezMarketing Manager
Andreina Cabrera
Andreina CabreraMedia Manager
Maggie Aguilar
Maggie AguilarMedia & Client Services

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